Monthly Archives: February 2015

Meet the Chicago Distilling Company


Here we are at the end of a long, tough, cold, snowy and otherwise challenging week. Honestly, we don’t know how people in the real Siberia do it. Oh, right. Vodka. So here’s where to find plenty: Chicago Distilling Company, a new place for you to experience the miracle of vodka-birth, opening today at 4pm.

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Now Open: Chicago Distilling Co.


Three Logan Square locals are getting into the distilling game. The team is made up of brothers Vic and Jay DiPrizio, along with Jay’s wife, Noelle, whose family used to be in the moonshine business. A far cry from bathtub gin, this sleek new distillery will produce a wide array of spirits. Chicago Distilling Co. is starting with vodka and white whiskey, but has big plans for gin, barrel-aged whiskey and amaro.

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